The Ephemeral City

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22 April 2015

Dr Felipe Hernández joins Professor Rahul Mehrotra, Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design to discuss to impact of ‘ephemeral urbanism’ on the fabric of cities in the developing world.

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CSC at the 6th Annual Africa Development Conference at Harvard University


On April 3-4, Dr Felipe Hernandez spoke at the 6th Annual Africa Development conference at Harvard. The event included His Excellency President of Niger, Mr Mahamadou Issoufou, and Dr. Mostafa Terrab, CEO and Chairman, OCP, amongst other illustrious speakers.

The future of African cities was high on the conference agenda, a topic that was discussed by experts from Uganda and South Africa and academics from Harvard. Felipe Hernandez, Chair of Cities South of Cancer, represented the University of Cambridge.

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20 April 2015 A Talk by Felipe Hernández at the Harvard Kennedy School

Articulatory Urbanism

The concept of “articulation,” which has a long trajectory in geography, philosophy, social studies, and cultural theory, has had a much lesser impact on urban studies and architecture. In the work of Cities South of Cancer, ­the research group created and chaired by Felipe Hernández at the University of Cambridge, articulation has inherent potential for the study of the impact of subaltern agencies in the continuous development of cities. This talk explores the notion of articulatory urbanism, both theoretically and through the work of the CSC in various developing-world cities: Cali and Pereira (Colombia), Jakarta (Indonesia), Querétaro (Mexico), and Nanjing (China). The CSC proposes an approach to urbanism geared towards articulation rather then absorption and/or eradication. It seeks to strategically articulate diverse and often antagonistic elements in order to reconfigure the notion of city, helping to improve conditions of life for people in conflict-ridden communities.

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This event is co-sponsored by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia Program at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation.

When? Monday, 20 April 2015, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Where? Room 124, Gund Hall, 48 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA

Cities South of Cancer wins CEMEX Award in Mexico

The Sombrerete Community Centre, in Querétaro (Mexico), received the First Prize in the Servicios y Asistencia Pública category of the 2014 CEMEX Awards. The Project is part of an ongoing collaboration between Cities South of Cancer (University of Cambridge) and Taller Activo (TEC Monterrey in Querétaro, Mexico), led by architect Juan Alfonso Garduño. 13 Tripos students from the Department of Architecture (Cambridge)  participated in the construction of the community centre in 2013 and 17 students flew to Mexico last summer to work in the contruction of the second public building product of our collaboration with Taller Activo. Cities South of Cancer has two other projects in Colombia: with Universidad del Valle, in Cali, and with Universidad Javeriana, in Bogota. Both are long-term collaborations which aim at building public infrastructure to improve the conditions of life of people in deprived peripheral areas. We are delighted that the urban interpretative methodologies and the strategies for intervention in the urban fabric of developing-world cities that we have developed in CSC are receiving a great deal of international attention.

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Opening Day

Opening Day

Opening Day

Opening Day

Community Centre

Community Centre

Students from Cambridge and TEC, Queretaro, at work with community participants

Students from Cambridge and TEC, Queretaro, at work with community participants

meeting with the community on the site

Meeting with the community on the site

The Cali Project Exhibition

The Cali Project concluded this summer on Friday, 4th July.  An exhibition of the workshop was installed in the Gallery of the Department of Architecture to coincide with the Open House of the department.

Please find below some photographs showing studio and crit sessions, progress presentations, and the exhibition during the last three weeks.

IMG_20140704_145546The Cali Project Exhibition 4th July 2014WP_20140627_001WP_20140627_004 WP_20140627_005 WP_20140627_006


15 May 2014 A Talk by Jane Rendell

Please join us on Thursday 15th May for a talk by Professor Jane Rendell from the Bartlett, UCL. Her talk will be entitled ‘May Mo(u)rn: Transitional Spaces in Architecture and Psychoanalysis’.

When: 5:30 – 7:00 PM, Thursday 15th May 2014

Where: Boardroom, Department of Architecture, 1-5 Scroope Terrace, Cambridge CB2 1PX

H&T Seminar Poster_Jane Rendell-01

29 April 2014 A Talk by Barbara Penner

Please join us on Tuesday 29th April for a talk by Barbara Penner from the Bartlett, UCL. Her talk will be entitled ‘Unlocking Infrastructure: A Long History of Alternative Sanitation’.

When: 5:30 – 7:00 PM, Tuesday 29th April 2014

Where: Classroom, Department of Architecture, 1-5 Scroope Terrace, Cambridge CB2 1PX

H&T Seminar Poster_Barbara Penner-01

Articulatory Urbanism: The Cali Project

Join us for an Urban Design Workshop this summer! We will welcome students from Cali to collaborate with us on this project. Workshop will be held in Cambridge from June 16-July 4, 2014. Venue TBA. To register, email

Articulatory Urbanism: The Cali Project will be an intensive design workshop whose aim is to propose a critical urban intervention for one of the most deprived, difficult and controversial areas of Cali, Colombia. The project will allow participants to engage in discussions about poverty, ethnic conflict, social housing and environmental risk. The programme includes five two-hour seminars and group discussions over a period of three weeks. Participants will spend six hours each day in the studio developing design propositions at various scales, ranging from the regional, to the urban, to the architectural. Work will be carried out in groups and the results will form the body of a travelling exhibition and publication.

We would like to invite Undergraduates, MAUD, MAUS and PhD students from the Department of Architecture to participate in this urban design workshop. There are nine places available and registrations will be on a first-come first-served basis.

Cali Workshop Poster-01


Violence at the Urban Margins


Violence in the Urban Margins

CSC is delighted to announce the workshop Violence at the Urban Margins with Professor Javier Auyero, University of Texas at Austin.

When? 7th April 2014
Where? Centre of Latin american Studies, University of Cambridge, Alison Richards Building, 2nd Floor, Room 204

The workshop will focus on the topic of violence at the urban margins, which is Javier’s most recent research. In his recent book La violencia en los márgenes (2013) (Violence at the Urban Margins) Javier dwells on fieldwork conducted on a marginalised neighbourhood of Greater Buenos Aires to explore how various forms of violence are linked, and the effects this has on the way in which the neighbourhood is inhabited. In addition, the research explores the intermittent and contradictory present of the State in the neighbourhood. The research is conducted in collaboration with María Fernanda Berti and Agustín Burbano de Lara.

For further information about registration, please contact Adriana Massidda (