Cambridge “Urbanism in the Global South” new term card

The inter-departmental Cambridge Urbanism in the Global South (UGS) working group, founded by CSC member Giulia Torino, is hosting a new series of talks, roundtables, and workshops in the Lent term (January-March 2019).

All welcome!

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Giulia Torino founded new inter-departmental working group, ‘Urbanism in the Global South’, at the University of Cambridge

Giulia Torino, together with PhD colleagues Noura Wahby and Shreyashi Dasgupta at the University of Cambridge (Centre for Development Studies/POLIS), just launched a new interdisciplinary working group at the University of Cambridge: Urbanism in the Global South. The initiative is supported and funded by the Department of Architecture, the Department of Geography, the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), the Centre of Latin American Studies (CLAS), and the Centre for Development Studies, at the University of Cambridge. Members of the group’s Academic Committee include: Dr Felipe Hernández, Dr Graham Denyer-Willis, Dr Charlotte Lemanski , and Prof Matthew Gandy,

The group is chiefly aimed at:

– filling the existing gap of research groups in Urban Studies at the University, whereby individual researchers in Urban Studies find themselves scattered throughout the many different departments of the University, without a solid base to share their ongoing research endeavours, questions, and progress;

– focusing specifically on the challenges met by cities in the Global South, both from a theory- and practice- based perspective;

– introducing new perspectives in urban studies research undertaken at the University of Cambridge, in particular for what concerns Global South cities as the loci of enunciation and production of knowledge in Urban Studies, rather than merely as the sites of fieldworks and data collection, as Western traditions in Urban Studies often seem to suggest;

– constituting a safe environment for doctoral and Early Career Researchers (alongside other members of the academic staff) at the University of Cambridge to share their ongoing research works in a variety of forms (conference papers, informal talks, round-tables, research dilemma, drafts of upcoming journal publications, etc.) and discuss critical issues in “Global South urbanism(s)” and existing scholarship;

– contributing to ongoing efforts at the University of Cambridge to “decolonise the academic curricula”, by means of a critical reflections on postcolonial and decolonial theory in urban studies, as well as on the limits, gaps, and ways to constructively contribute with other epistemologies and languages to the mainly Anglo-Saxon production of knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of Urban Studies.

The group meets biweekly during term time, in Michaelmas, Lent, and Easter. Each term is tailored to meet the specific academic pace of the different Cambridge terms, and it involves the active participation of all members (currently over 30, from over nine different departments of the University of Cambridge).
If you’d like to contribute to or to learn more about the group, please get in touch with Giulia at

UGS  supports the “Decolonising the Curriculum” initiative at the University of Cambridge, and Giulia is also an active member of the reading group “Decolonial Geographies”, based at the Department of Geography (Cambridge) and led by Professor Sarah Radcliffe. 


Cambridge City Seminar Series

The Lent and Easter sessions of the Cambridge City Seminar Series will be soon kicked off, organised by CSC member Giulia Torino together with doctoral colleagues at UCR (Martin Centre). The theme of this year is “Shaping cities for the Nitght-watchman State”, and it focuses on surveillance, public space, housing, and urban redevelopment under neoliberal urbanisation.

Invited speakers include: Vincent Lacovara, planner for the Borough of Croydon; Dr Ayona Datta;  Isis Nunez Ferrera; and Professor Christine Whitehead.

CSC members organise the 2016/17 Martin Centre Lecture Series at the University of Cambridge

CSC PhD students Ángela Franco and Giulia Torino organised the Michaelmas 2016 Lecture Series at the Martin Centre, University of Cambridge, on the theme of “Women in Practice”.
Three panellists will present in the Series: Prof Jennifer Robinson, Dr Pushpa Arabindoo , and architect Julia Barfield.

MC Series Michaelmas 2016 Poster

CSC’s Angela Franco to give a talk at the Martin Centre, University of Cambridge

Ángela Franco will give a talk tomorrow as part of the Martin Centre Lecture Series at the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge, entitled “Urban redevelopment in Colombia: the case study of Third Millenium Park in Bogotá”.

Angela Franco Poster