Colour-blindness, mestizaje, and the racialization of spatial justice in the urban periphery of Bogotá

This research project deals with the relation between race, space and place in contemporary Latin American cities under regimes of neoliberal urbanism. In particular, it focuses on the material, social and cultural production of racialised forms of spatial injustice, that contribute to shape urban segregation and fragmentation, alongside the invisibility of certain subject(ivitie)s, in the city of Bogotá.

In the light of an exploration of present and future alternatives in urban discourses and planning practices that are concerned with the political projects of anti-colonialism, decolonisation and spatial justice, this research also seeks to explore ways of conceiving and shaping a more inclusive urban space in Bogotá within new discourses and practices in the identity politics of Afro-Latin America.

Researcher: Giulia Torino